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  • Barge History

    Background to the Thames Barge.... Its origins... Some history...Where and why it plied its trade in Whitstable... Impacts on the local community

  • Guide to the Barge

    Simple Guide to the Thames Barge - including key design features, terminology, diagrams and illustrations

Barge Operations

  • Harbour Operations

    Barge operations and methods at Whitstable harbour of the past

  • Local Operators

    Whitstable Barge Operators of the past including Daniels Bros. The complex question of barge ownership


  • Rescue 1923

    Bravery of Whitstable skipper George James Packman when 3 local barges were struck by a Cunarder

  • Stories of Bargemen

    Stories of Whitstable bargemen... and their families

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Bygone Barges

  • Barges of the past

    Names and brief histories of some barges that visited Whitstable harbour

  • The Vigilant

    The Vigilant - a craft that may never have visited the harbour.... and may never put to sea from Whitstable. However, it served the town for 40 years and, locally, became its best known Thames Barge

  • barges in the flood

    Barges during the dangerous time of the Flood of 1953


Whitstable and the Thames Barges

The Thames Barge:
Workhorse of Estuary & Beyond

Whitstable ended it's working association with the Thames Barge over three decades ago but the legacy remains and the vessels can still be seen at the time of the annual barge races. In this section we team up with our readers to document a few memories, discuss some of the history and share a range of photographs of the Thames Barges of Whitstable.

We would like to extend our thanks to all those who have contributed to the feature so far. Names and ackowledgements appear alongside specific entries.