Delving into the past to discover  Whitstable's four historic "Highways to Canterbury"

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Brian identifies four ancient and historic highways that maintained important commercial links between Whitstable and its inland neighbour - the City of Canterbury. Along the way, he discusses not just the tracks themselves but highlights fascinating places along the routes and provides a fascinating insight into ancient names and their modern day equivalents.

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 Highway 1: The Salt Way

The famous Salt Way used to transport salt, sea products and cargo to the city. It helped to establish Whitstable as a small landing area for the city - a function that would grow in significance even when the Salt Way was eventually surpassed by better roads and the Crab & Winkle railway line.

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Highway 2: Swalecliffe to Canterbury

A route to the city  via Tyler Hill from the small settlements at Swalecliffe.

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Highway 3: Seasalter to Canterbury

A track from the small but notable settlements at Seasalter. Brian provides a fascinating discussion of possible routes and usage.

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 Highway 4: The Turnpike Road

The Turnpike road that led from Whitstable's Oxford Syreet to the St Dunstan's area of Canterbury via Blean. In modern times, it has become the A290 and our prime route to the city.