Whitstable Natives' incessant battle with the sea and the
 impact on urban development  of an ever changing shoreline

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 The Gorrell Stream and Delta

Brian studies the area east of the harbour - addressing the significance of the seemingly insignificant Gorrell stream and its marshy floodplain. 

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Construction of the Sea Walls

How the town centre originally developed on a ridge between two marshy areas (ie the Gorrell floodplain of the Gorrell Straem and the Salts). How the problematic marshland contributed to Whistable's economy by way of salt works. How the various sea walls eventually stabilised the shoreline and allowed a wider urban spread.

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Fact Riddle and Fiction

A further look at the salt workings, the riddle of Upper and Lower Island area, the origins of some local names (including "Island Wall" and "Horsebridge"), the final steps to our current day shoreline..... and a curious connection with Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe".