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Whitstable and The Maunsell Forts

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General discussion of the forts from a Whitstable perspective

Whitstable and the Forts
Our Aims

Many books and numerous web sites provide fascinating details of the Maunsell Forts of the Thames estuary. Our aims are more limited and can be summarised as...

  • to provide a short overview of the subject from a Whitstable perspective

  • to show local people a selection of super photos kindly provided by Peter Dalrymple and enable them take a close look at structures that, hitherto, they may only have seen from our beaches

  • to encourage people to take an interest in the forts and their preservation.

Along the way, we hope that some of our readers will be prompted to delve deeper into the history and technical apects described on other web sites. With this in mind, we have included links to the web sites of Bob Le-Roi and Project Redsand.

Click on the thumbnail photos to access the pages.


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The Army Forts

A closer look at the Army versions of the Maunsell Forts

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The Navy Forts

A closer look at the Navy version of the  Forts


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Whitstable at War

See our wider view of wartime Whitstable

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Visit the official web site of Project Redsand for detailed information on the forts and  plans to preserve the legacy.

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Visit Bob Le-Roi's web site for detailed technical information, stories of pirate radio and regular newsheets relating to the forts and radio communications.