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New Zealand

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Timaru by Brian Bishop 

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Wellington with Sue & Brian Pidford

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Tin Can Bay, Queensland by Tom Swire

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Perth, W Australia with Bob & June Hill

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Frankston, Victoria by Audrey & John Moore 

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Mooloolaba - Queensland's Sunshine Coast with Bob & Pam Court

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The UK

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Richard & Jennifer Perks' life on a small holding in Staffs... with some very unusual livestock!



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 Many of our readers are ex-pat Natives living in foreign parts - either in the UK or overseas. So, we thought it would be nice to devote a section to their lives "abroad".

The "Home In" items describe their home towns. The "Why/How" items explain why they left Whitstable, how they travelled and what awaited them

If you want to add your own account, email us at...


Why/ How We Went

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The Marshall's 1968 adventure as  "Ten Pound Poms"... destined for Perth

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Brian Smith - a reluctant "Ten Pound Teenage Pom" of 1952... with shocks to come in Melbourne

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Bob Court -  a "£20 Pom" in NZ... based on a wrong assumption

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Bill Dancer - a 1968 Douglas DC8 flight to a second seagoing career... in Canada

*nativesb_rgilbert1.jpg (17873 bytes)

With the Manston USAF base of the 1950s just a few miles from Whitstable, a number of local lasses emigrated to the US after meeting US airmen. But it wasn't always straightforward.... as Rosemary Gilbert relates.

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Another story with a wartime connection... after a U-Boat intervened in Gerald Tooke's first attempt to reach Canada! 


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in Canada

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Sidney on Vancouver Island by John Harman

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Etobicoke on the Great Lakes with Gary and Trudi Roppel

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Brooks on the Prairies of Alberta with Mark Foreman

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Almonte, Ontario with Glennis Harwig

Home in ...

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Paris by Diana Suard

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Rural France - Charente-Maritime by Linda Proctor

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Hohenschäftlarn, Bavaria with Ivan Evans & Chris Butler