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The garden of Whitstable Castle is the town's only park of any size.  Back in 2010/11 it underwent a massive revamp thanks, in part, to a substantial grant from the Lottery fund. The gardens have now started to mature and we thought it was worth showing ex-pat Natives and visitors how it is shaping up in the late spring sunshine of June 2013. We hope you enjoy the photos.

Whitstable Castle: West Fascia from the garden terrace

The Castle shown from the lower west terrace garden

The Gatehouse

The familiar Gatehouse remians unchanged..

Whitstable Castle: The Gatehouse

The Castle Gatehouse at the foot of Tower Hill

.... and the "Gatehouse Walk" (the path leading up the slope from the gatehouse to the Castle builidng) also has a familiar look.

Whitstable Castle: Gatehouse Walk

Gatehouse Walk leading from the gatehouse to the main Castle building

At the moment, this path is the one big disappointment in the revamped grounds as it still looks like a work in progress..... but, having scaled the incline, there is much to impress the visitor.

The Lower West Terrace Lawn

At the top of the path, the view northward is stunning. The photo below shows the tiered western lawns in their redesigned form....

Whitstable Castle: The tiered western lawns

The tiered western terrace of the Castle Grounds as viewed from Gatehouse Walk

The gently sloping lower lawn is now a green swathe punctuated by many maturing flower beds. The photo below shows this from the Tower Hill side of the gardens...

Whitstable Castle: The lower terrace of the westen lawns

The gentle slope of the Lower Terrace lawn (looking south from the Tower Hill roadway)

From here, there are peaceful views of the bowling green below. However, there is perhaps a more "open" appearance than in bygone days....

Whitstable Castle: View across the bowling green from the west lawn

The view south from the lower west terrace lawn with the bowling green in the background

Many people objected to the removal of trees and shrubs during the revamp but there is still plenty of shade and new trees have been added...

Whitstable Castle: The lower west lawn and bowling green

The lower west terrace lawn and bowling green

 Centrepiece of The Western Lawns

A metal pergola has been added as a centrepiece on the lower western lawn....

Whitstable Castle: Pergola and Whitstable Bowling Club

The pergola on the west lawn with Whitstable Bowls Club in the background

Whitstable Castle: Lower west lawn and pergola

The lower west lawn and pergola

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