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General Reading on Whitstable
Title Author ISBN No Comments
Portrait of a Seaside Town Doug West 0950856444
Emprint Publications
The most "frequently referred to" series of books on Whitstable. Doug West and his father were local photographers who produced arguably the biggest and best photo collection on Whitstable. The books are packed with shots from the collection and augmented by Doug's own commentaries
Second Portrait of a Seaside Town Doug West 0950856460
Emprint Publications
As above
Third Portrait of a Seaside Town Doug West 1871716004
Emprint Publications
As above
Fourth Portrait of a Seaside Town Doug West 1871716020
Emprint Publications
As above
Portrait of a Seaside Photographer (D.West) Friends of Whitstable Museum Whitstable Museum (2003) Whitstable History Series #3
Around Whitstable in Old Photographs Cliff Court 1840151935
Alex Sutton Publishing Phoenix Mill, Strood Gloucester
Old photos and associated commentary From the ‘Britain in Old Photographs’ Series. 159 pages
Whitstable in Old Picture Postcards Michael Trowell 9028834206

Zaltbommel Netherlands (1st ed 1986)
(2nd ed 1988)
Then and Now Whitstable Mick Glover 0752436392
Tempus Publishing Ltd (2005)
Provides old photos and compares them with the current (2004/5) view. Interesting historical background.
Remembering Whitstable Cinemas Mick Glover Chalford (1998) Whitstable Archive Photographs series
"Whitstable" (Archive Photographs series) Compiled by Mick Glover (1998) 075241112 8  
Whitstable, Seasalter & Swalecliffe
The History of Three Kent Parishes, 1938.
R.H. Goodsall (Robert) Cross & Jackman Canterbury (1938) Out of print as at Jan 2006
We Remember Whitstable George & Greta Woodman 0946014078

1st Ed Shipyard Press (1958)

2nd Ed Pryor Publications (1988)
102 page 2nd edition by Betsy Innes Smith (daughter)
A Guide to Whitstable & Its Surroundings W.J. Cox W.J. Cox Whitstable (1876)  
Illustrated Popular Guide to Whitstable and Its Surrounding Neighbourhood W.J. Cox W.J. Cox Whitstable (1884)  
Whitstable – an introduction to this fascinating coastal town   Whitstable Improvement Trust  
Whitstable & The Sea
Remembering the 1920s-1950s
Anne Pope 1870844246
Canterbury Museum & Galleries:
Strange Old Whitstable Book 1 Aaron James River Publications Simple booklets of extracted facts by 14 y.o.
Strange Old Whitstable Book 2 Aaron James River Publications As above
Dickens Whitstable Tony Blake 5 Grove Park
Small booklet by local historian and Whitstable Times columnist
Wild About Whitstable G.Guilfoyle-Strood E.Kircaldie Whitstable (1992)  
Whitstable Natives A short study of Whitstable and Oysters J.E. (Betty) Stevens K.C. Hall (1977) 48 pages
The Divers Whitstable Museum Canterbury Museums About Whitstable Divers and their equipment
The Divers Whitstable Helen Evans & John Bev Canterbury Museums A town trail tourist leaflet about Whitstable
Farming Oysters H.Evans    
Oyster Seekers Mandy Bruce 184358039X Stories & Recipes from Wheeler's Oyster Bar
Maritime Whitstable
Title Author ISBN No Comments
The Merchant Ships of Whitstable Wallace Harvey Hardback:
Emprint Publications (1983)
By the town's most celebrated historian
Whitstable Harbour Memories Paul Tritton
Published in aid of the RNLI.
Memories of a Brett’s employee at Brett’s Harbour plant.
The Seasalter Company – A smuggling fraternity
Wallace Harvey 095085641X By the town's most celebrated historian
By Sea to Whitstable   Whitstable Museum  
The Biography of the barge Kathleen
Richard Walsh 1986 Hardback
Terence Dalton Ltd.
The story of one of the town's most famous Thames Barges
Mainline to London G. Pike Whitstable Improvement Trust Heritage Series issue 2
The Happy Fishing Ground J. Hollingshead   From ‘All The Year Round’  Nov 1859 & Jan 1860 edited by Charles Dickens
Another Whitstable Trade (Diving) J. Hollingshead   As above
The Infernal Diver John Bevan    
Oysters and Dredgermen G.Pike,
Compass Publications Seasalter (1992)  
Oyster Dredgers of Whitstable Allan Ovenden Collard, 1902 Published Joseph Collard London (1902)  
 Whitstable People & Places
Title Author ISBN No Comments
History in Whitstable
Places & People
Pike & Cann 0951582852
Whitstable Improvement Trust (1995)
167 pages
People & Places The Quill Club1984 0951005006 147 pages

Sponsored by Canterbury City Council
My Whitstable- 1920-1939 Jean Skinner Oyster Press
A History of All Saints Church I.W.Green    
The History of Whitstable Baptist Church Edited by Tony Harris   Available from self-publishing firm
Chestfield - 1000 Years of History Wallace Harvey    
Starvation Point G. Pike Whitstable Improvement Trust Heritage Series issue 1
Copperas & The Castle G. Pike Whitstable Improvement Trust Heritage Series issue 3
Chestfield Manor Estate Perkins Chestfield Parish Magazine (Nov 1991)  
Melon & Lemon Jam, The History spanning 400 years of the Whitstable Dyason family R.W.Dyason Self published, Melbourne Australia in 1991  
Canterbury & Whitstable Railway LIne
Title Author ISBN No Comments
The Canterbury & Whitstable Railway Brian Hart (1991) 0906867975
Wild Swan Publications Didcot (1991)
The definitive book on the old railway
In the Tracks of Railway History Mike Page 095158281X
Whitstable Improvement Trust (1990)
22 page booklet.
A described walk along the C&W track.
The Canterbury & Whitstable Railway 1830-1980 A Pictorial Survey R L Ratcliffe 0905270118 Locomotive Club of Gt. Britain A short overview of the World's first passenger line with photographs and maps. The line closed in 1953.

24 pages drawing on the works of Rev. R.B.Fellowes ‘The Romance of a Railway’ 1930 commemorating the 150th anniversary of the C&W Railway
History of the Canterbury and Whitstable Railway Rev. R.B. Fellowes 1930 Published by Jennings, Canterbury  
The Canterbury & Whitstable Railway Ivan Maxted Oakwood Press Dorset (1970  
The 150th Anniversary of the opening of the Canterbury & Whitstable Railway.   1980 issue Souvenir commemorative booklet

32 pages
A walk along the C&W line today      
Whitstable Public Houses
Title Author ISBN No Comments
Ales & Tales
Pubs in the Story of Whitstable
Geoffrey Pike, Mike Page & John Cann (1993) 0951582836
Whitstable Improvement Trust
Traces the pubs of Whitstable past and present.
Whitstable Schools
Title Author ISBN No Comments
Bell, Book and Boys     Impressions of Whitstable Boys School snatched from the school's 100 year history in order to celebrate its centenary in 1977
St. Alphege centenary Year 1875-1975 W.Harvey   Booklet produced for the school
The Story of Tankerton College Jean Martin 9781899177196 Story of one of the town's most prominent private schools
Whitstable Alleys and Byways
Title Author ISBN No Comments
The Alleys & Byways of Old Whitstable - A stroll through history Mike Page Whitstable Improvement Trust (1990) 22 page booklet
Whitstable Churches
Title Author ISBN No Comments
A History of All Saints Church I.W.Green Published by the Church
2nd ed. 1970
History of the town's main C of E church in Church Street
The History of Whitstable Baptist Church Edited by Tony Harris   Available from self-publishing firm
Specific Aspects of Whitstable
Title Author ISBN No Comments
Whitstable & the French Prisoners of War Wallace Harvey 0950856428
Emprint Publications
Account by the town's most celebrated historian. Investigates Whitstable's association with escaping PoWs in Napeleonic times
Seasalter & The Mystery of Robinson Crusoe Wallace Harvey 0950856487
Emprint Publications
 An interesting exploration into one of the great enigmas of national literature – did Daniel Defoe find inspiration for his famous adventures of Robinson Crusoe in the then north Kent parish of Seasalter?
Natural History
Title Author ISBN No Comments
Natural History (1983)   0892408
Published by Whitstable Natural History Society
Specialises in local area
Title Author ISBN No Comments
Art Souvenir of Whitstable Past and Present (circa 1902)     Colour archive photo illustrations.
Other Publications
Title Author ISBN No Comments
The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent E.Hasted 2nd Ed.
In 12 vols 17971801
Ref Vol 8
‘The hundred of Whitstaple’ area.
Heritage Walking Trails   0950998400 East Kent Book 1

Described walks around Whitstable/Canterbury with historical focus
A Saunter through Kent with Pen and Pencil Charles Igglesden The Kentish Gazette (1914) Whitstable and district references
Illustrated History of Kent Anthony Procser   Whitstable and district references
Life in Kent at the Turn of the century Michael Winstanley   Whitstable and oyster dredgers
The North Woods Flavia Taylor 1871716055 208 pages with maps covering 500 years of local history (Herne, Chestfield, Whitstable, Seasalter & Graveney ) between the 11th & 15th centuries
The Blean – Woodlands of a Cathedral City Ed. W.Holmes & W.Wheaton Blean Research Group
(2002 )
About Blean Woods
Grit in the Oyster Mike Page Whitstable Improvement Trust (1991) Somerset Maugham’s formative years in Canterbury & Whitstable
An Autobiography and Past Peter Cushing Midnight Marquee Press
The Precarious Crust Laurance Irving Chatto & Windus (1971) References to Borstal Hill windmill etc
The Windmills of Kent J.West Charles Skilton (1973) History of Borstal Hill windmill
Frontline County - Kent at War 1939-1940 Andrew Rootes 0709034733
SB Robt.Hale Ltd

1st Ed 1980 Paperback 1988
Details every known fatality through airborne attack – Whitstable included.
Submarine Researches
C.A.Deane Historical Diving Society (2001) Ed M.Fardel & N.Phillips.

The inventon of the hard hat divers suit is attributed to John Deane from an idea developed by his brother C.A.Deane in Whitstable
Copperas G.Herrill M&G Pigie 1870545087 An account of the Whitstable works, the first industrial scale chemical production in England
Bygone Kent   A monthly journal See back copies for Whitstable related articles at..

Local Videos

Title Editor Comments
Whitstable on Old Film Tony Blake Video produced by local historian and Whitstable Times columnist.
Proud Little Town Tony Blake As above
A Century of Whitstable Tony Blake As above

National Videos

Title Editor Comments
Various Clips British Pathe News A range of newsreel clips including such topics as the Flood of '53, Sea Cadets at the Vigilant, oyster fishing and yachting. All viewable on the web site at....

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Peter Cushing Justin Gayner An amusing look at Peter Cushing's relatioship with the people of Whitstable by the producer of the BBCs QI program... 

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