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  • Origins & History

    Discussion of the Butler Education Act 1944 and the post-war revamp of education that gave birth to the Sir William Nottidge Secondary School in Whitstable

Early Traditions


    Discussion of the school crest/badge and a description of the original royal blue uniform


    The origins and wording of the long lost school song

  • House System

    The house system, colours and origin of the names Coppins, Torrith, Sedberry and Minters


    The metal lapel badges worn by pupils

School Life

  • School Magazine

    Thanks to Ken Allen, we take a look at the school magazine of 1956/57 (The Quiver) and relate it to wider 1950s history


    Some of the annual plays staged by pupils of the 1950s


    Details and mementoes of some school visits

  • School Workshops

    The woodwork and metalwork rooms and their output

The Staff


    The unique collection of autographs collected from teachers by Sue Pidford back in 1955

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School Sport

  • Sport

    How sport played a part in school life and some of the school's early achievements


  • Prize Giving 1960

    Thanks to Linda Farrington, we can view the "Prize Giving" program for 1960

Meal Time!

Photos & Memories


  • Reunion 2005

    Photos and story of a reunion of pupils at the Marine Hotel Whitstable in 2005

A Lost School?

  • The School Today

    Photos and story of a reunion of pupils at the Marine Hotel Whitstable in 2005

Sir William Nottidge school crest

Nottidge School History & Memories for Ex-Pupils

During the life span of Simply Whitstable, we have been sent many anecdotes and mementoes of school days at Bellevue Road.

We have also been asked if we can set aside a few pages to record those memories. So here it is... a section for use by ex-pupils of the Sir William Nottidge School Whitstable.

If you can help with more information, please contact us at.....

Simply Whitstabe Email Address

Sir William Nottidge School Motto